Snow Plowing

Plowing operations are generally initiated after two inches of snow have fallen and continue until the storm has ended. Widening and view clearing is performed before and following cessation of the storm as necessary.
For snow storms with a predicted accumulation in excess of two inches, plowing usually begins after the initial salt application has formed a brine and after one to two inches of snow has fallen (depending on the intensity of snowfall) and continues for the duration of the storm .After a storm terminates, a final clean up plow run is made and a salt sand application is laid down as necessary to remove any remaining residue.
For light accumulation snowfalls of short duration, plowing may begin immediately and may include simultaneous salt sanding to provide the desired results quickly and efficiently.
Frozen precipitation including sleet and the build-up of ice caused by freezing rain are special situations, and not subject to procedures indicate above. When a changeover from snow or sleet to freezing rain is predicted or anticipated , snow and /or sleet is left on the pavement to capture the freezing rain thereby preventing a glare ice situation , which without question is the most treacherous condition that occurs. Treatment includes application of slat sand or pure rock salt .Treatment for walkways and small paths will be done by applying calcium chloride.Calcium chloride (in solution with water) lowers the freezing point as low as −52 °C (−62 °F), making it ideal for ice control, aiding traction in cold climates.
Following storms with heavy snowfall or when several storms result in substantial snow banking. AMC will undertake a widening procedure, which will push back the snow banks. This is a necessary operation because it accomplishes the following:

  • increases safe sight distance.
  • reduces or prevents melted snow from running out onto pavement and created icing conditions.
  • maintains a uniform line by eliminating protrusions intersections and roadways.
  • provide room for future snow storage.
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