The most important thing all living things need to survive is water.Investing in an irrigation system is a great idea.
Your soil type will affect your regimen for garden irrigation, both for purposes of plant health and conserving water. Sandy soil types dry out quickly. Think of them as being like sieves. They require more frequent watering than do clayey soil types.
You’ll waste water on sandy soil types if you apply too much all at once, since the water will percolate quickly through the porous earth – right past the root zone. Once water passes the root zone, it is useless. For plants in sandy soil types, program the timer for your garden irrigation to release water over several short periods.

Plants in clayey soil types should also be watered over several short periods – but for a different reason. You need to give the water time to soak into the earth. If you water too much all at once, water just runs off and is wasted. Because clayey soil types retain water well, not only can you get away with watering less frequently, you positively should water less frequently, lest you drown your plants’ roots.

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